Spring in Toronto

There’s been a lot of talk lately about what spring in Toronto looks like. To many, this means dusting off their bikes and going for a ride around the city or going for a run on the docks. But, with only 30 days left until the MS Walk, spring looks a little different to me.


I am so excited about this cotton colour combination for my spring dish cloths. I think they are just the right thing to brighten up a kitchen and encourage the snow to melt. I’ve been going a bit slower on making the cloths lately because I have had less orders, but I am still having so much fun playing around with the colours and trying out new groupings.

My mom and I are planning a kitting lesson for later this month, and although I am not sure what we will be working on, I am definitely ready to try some new patterns and projects. Speaking of which… I should probably finish my spiral scarf I started on last winter. Definitely something to tack onto my to-do list. My mom is a knitting guru, and I can’t believe it has taken me so long to tap her as a resource. I really should take advantage of the talented and crafty people around me more often!

I am really looking forward to the MS Walk this year. So far, I have raised $728 through dish cloth sales, which is a lot more than I had raised last year! This will be my fourth annual walk, and I am proud that our team has grown with each passing year. Personally, it’s important to choose one cause/charity and really dedicate myself to volunteering and/or supporting it throughout the year. With all the causes out there, it can be a crowded landscape with charities fighting for fundraising dollars, and it’s easy to get caught up with trying to give a little to everyone. I try to keep it simple and dedicate myself to making a bigger difference for one cause, and I find that it really helps that this particular cause is very near and dear to my heart!

I’ve been thinking about offering the dish cloths for sale on an Etsy store or something similar to continue raising money for the cause throughout the course of the year. Any thoughts on pros/cons for this route? Very curious on whether anyone has some experiences with Esty, and what they would recommend.