Saying thanks: The lost art of thank you cards

Immediately after getting engaged, Will and I ran out and bought a bridal binder to help us navigate the wedding planning process. As I was flipping through it, I noticed a section dedicated to writing thank you cards, including a number of sample notes written from “the couple” to their “guests.”DSCF4088

I have been writing thank you cards since I can remember (thanks Mom!), and have grown up expecting to give and receive these special notes after every holiday, occasion or event. I just assumed this was how every family worked, which was reinforced to me when I started dating Will. (His Mum gives the best thank you cards!)

This binder section got me thinking about the lost art of giving thanks. I have to admit that I am sometimes the worst at giving thank you notes to my immediate family when we exchange birthday or Christmas gifts, but there’s nothing that beats receiving a thank you note for a gift you put a lot of effort into making or picking out.

So I congratulate you if you already send thank you cards regularly, but if not, there’s no better time to start than now! To make things easier, I have even included some great tips for writing thank you notes below.


Tips for writing thank you notes:

  1. Make it personal | Try to stay away from sending generic notes. While still thoughtful, it means so much more to hear that the gift was remembered and appreciated.
  2. Send random notes of thanks | I love receiving thank you notes for random things. Don’t be afraid to send a note to a friend who gave you support when you really needed it or a colleague who helped you out.
  3. Thank you notes don’t always have to be homemade | Beautiful thank you cards can be purchased from anywhere. My favourite place to buy cute cards are from Target and Michaels (specifically the dollar section), because they have such a great selection at amazing prices. (My favourite are the Green Inspired cards shown below from Target.)