MUGS & JUGS PODCAST // Episode 007 – All the feels: dealing with new mom hormones

New mom-hood can be an overwhelming transition, and dealing with all the changes isn’t always the easiest. Today, we’re having a (somewhat) light-hearted discussion on hormones, sleep deprivation, baby blues, postpartum depression & accepting support.

We’ve also added a ton of resource information in the shownotes, so take advantage of having all these links in one place. Use it for yourself, share it with a friend or tuck it away for an emotionally rainy day.


We hope that this candid chat has helped normalize the hormone changes that every mother experiences at the beginning and throughout motherhood. Feel free to leave some comments on your own experiences if you think it might help another mom or mom-to-be, because even when it feels like you’re the only one going through something – chances are there’s someone else out there having a similar experience.

Thanks for listening!