MUGS & JUGS PODCAST // Episode 006 – #mombod

What’s the deal with #dadbod?! We demand a hashtag that celebrates a mother’s body and everything it goes through to create & support a family! Enter, #mombod.

Even if you didn’t physically carry your child in pregnancy, it seems as though every mom puts their family before her own physique, making changes inevitable. And if you were lucky enough to experience pregnancy, well… then you definitely know how much your body can change in 9 short months, and the many many changes that come afterwards.

So get on it! Let’s start a new hashtag celebrating the #mombod!


How do you feel about your #mombod? Do you celebrate your stretch marks or lather yourself with oil every night to erase them? Let us know what in the comments section below. We want to know how you’ve experienced your body changes and how you’ve dealt with the changes – both good and bad.

Thanks for listening!