MUGS & JUGS PODCAST // Episode 005 – Mom guilt

Whether it’s something you you feel society is placing on moms (probably), something we place on ourselves (most likely), or just another part of motherhood (I hope not), mom guilt is real.

This week, we’re each taking turns sharing the one big thing that gives us mom guilt. After a couple episodes of light fluffy chatter and tons of laughter, we are digging deep, getting real, and dropping some #truthbombs. We hope you enjoy the raw mom-esty*.

*Mom-esty = mom honesty… just trying it out. Does it work?


Let us know what you think of the episode by leaving a note for us below. We’d love to know what your mom guilt is and how you’ve gotten past it (if you have). Please also feel free to leave any questions or requests for future topics.

Thanks for listening!