Moving into the next chapter… literally

When Will and I decided to buy a house and take the next step together as homeowners, we knew it would come at a cost. That cost would be giving up our beloved apartment that we’ve shared for the past three years.

This home has a very special place in our hearts, as it was where everything important in our relationship happened. Since we were already friends for 4 years prior to dating, we moved fairly quickly. After a month of dating, I got a job downtown and Will offered for me to stay over during the week to make my commute easier from my Mom’s house. After a week or two of that, we discovered that we really enjoyed spending weekends together too, so just before my 22nd birthday, he asked me to officially move in.

As a result, we have lived in this place together since the beginning and slowly made it our cozy home over our time here.

I love this place. Every single inch of it. It is my happy place and I am so happy I was able to convince Will to capture every inch with these photos.

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